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The house at number 11A was built by distinguished local architect Gerry Matthews and war architect.  After serving under Monty during the Second World War he helped create an architectural practice and designed and built number 11A which was built in 1949.  This was an unusual time for the building of private homes especially with its trademark copper roof.  It is a "very early and rare exmaple of Post War Modernism with a copper roof was a very early and rare example of Post War Modernism with a copper roof.  This roof caused concern to Gerry who was frustrated by the time it took to turn green. Apparently he helped this aging process by going up on to the roof each evening to relieve himself!

The firm of Covell Matthews.

  Ralph Covell commenced the practice pre war and he was joined by  Gerry Matthews after the war when the practice adopted the name Covell  Matthews and Partners.  Gerry Matthews was a Lieutenant in the Royal Engineers serving with Montgomery in the push to Berlin. Apparently they had to cross a major river quickly and plans were prepared by Gerry's superiors for the bridge. Gerry however had severe doubts about the design and  eventually lucked up the courage to query it with Montgomery. He was told to 'go away' but the next day after the bridge had collapsed, it was Gerry who was called in to redesign and get them across the river.

This helped the firm prosper as they worked closely with the Ministry of Defence druing the 1950's.  This included work in Gibralter.  This is where the next senior partner of Covell Matthews Albert Heasman, first worked for Covell Matthews.


For how the architectural practice started in from the technical college in Croydon by Covell and Matthews see the details of their firm:


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